Society for Information Research and Studies acronym as (SIRs) is a not-for-profit organization spearheaded -by a group of leading entrepreneurial professionals working in the fields like information packaging and consolidation, graphic design and development, content development and core competency development through capacity building programmes. SIRs is a membership association for people who manage information and knowledge in organizations. SIRs plays a strong role in shaping the future, and continues this work vigorously.

Through the teams of experts who lead and produce the publications – the training course providers, the network of expert members and staff, as well as the editorial and SIRs advisory boards – current trends are monitored, and leadership is provided through the products and services on offer to esteemed members.

SIRs provides leadership in areas such as core competency development through education in niche areas of information science, information networking, and knowledge and records management. We believe that information, records and knowledge management skills and techniques are core to knowledge professionals who help any organizations. Part of the work of shaping the future in this new era will involve reinvigorating our existing Communities of Practice (CoP) and creating new ones – we are always looking for energetic practical people with good ideas to help us develop our networking activities.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Statement:
We intend to work towards a knowledge society in which everyone has ready access to knowledge and works to meet their needs, wants and aspirations. With generous support from like-minded professionals, SIRs wish to make distinctive contribution in development of library and information professionals. We have envisioned a knowledge society where:
• All professionals are empowered;
• Discrimination is challenged and tackled robustly.
• Knowledge access and transfer are promoted and adored
• Attitudes and prejudices that hinder the progress of individuals and groups are confronted and tackled.